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I'm trying to get back in track with my stories. If you're wondering about the constant updates for the Frank Woods fic, that's because I already had the fic written out a long time ago but I haven't decided to post it on dA until now. So, no, I'm not actually working on new fics as of now, unfortunately :( 

I know I've been procrastinating a lot and I apologize for that :c it's just that I haven't felt the inspiration to keep writing (mainly I have no idea of how to continue my stories) and I am having some family issues and my sister recently left to work in another city so I'm on my own. 

Anyways, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! :cries:
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)

Coarse language and sexual situations.

Chapter VI

“Frank?” The pained expression on your face, as you fought to open your eyes, did not go unnoticed by him and he hurried to comfort you the best he could. Your head was resting on his forearm and he was kneeling, so you could get comfortable in his hold. It felt odd to him, in all honesty. Never before had he ever attempted such a menial task with a woman, and he was not sure the words could easily come out— even when he was dealing with you. He could only think of bringing you closer to him, if only to make you feel safe.

Shh. It’s all over. It’s over now.” Frank saw the tears gleaming in your eyes, and how badly you wanted to cry, as you gave him a bittersweet smile. You could not hold back, however, and a sob escaped you before you started to choke on your words, burying your face on his chest.

It took a while before you had calmed down and were capable of any comprehensible speech, but all the while you were grabbing fistful of his clothes. You practically threw your arms around his waist and pressed yourself tightly against him, not caring about the grime on his garments or the smell of sweat and blood. Quite honestly, you could give a damn about it at that moment. After the nightmare you had been through for the past days, those arms felt the safest and most comforting place in the world. Even though this was not the circumstances you had dreamed of this happening, you were so damn happy to be with him.

“You’re here, Frank. You came for me.” You mumbled with a tearful smile, and he placed a hand on the side of your head.

“I told you that I’d come and get you, didn't I?” He barely could believe it that he had survived, that you were at long last reunited.

He noticed that you had been dressed in a flimsy white kimono-dress that provided little protection against the colder than hot weather, and you were shaking like a leaf in his hold. Your hair tickled his nose, and he noticed that the crown of white flowers on your head still was fresh and fragrant, just like you— an observation he could not help but make. Quite honestly, he did not want to think of you grooming for your own funeral but he was certain this had been the case. Either way, you were safe and sound and he was relieved that you had not gone through major and hideous detriments— or, at least, it did not look like you did. You surely had been mentally tormented by the Solarii Brotherhood but physically, he doubted it. Some way, Frank knew you would be spared from those kinds of tortures as long as you were the vessel for Himiko, since Friedrich wanted you unharmed for the trade. Even, the cuts and scratches on your skin he had seen the night of your disappearance had disappeared and he had to wonder if Himiko had anything to do with it.

"I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you had to go through all this because of me. I should have never opened my mouth. I should have never suggested that we come here. I don’t want to think what would have happened if I had lost you," you paused and fumbled with your words for a moment, too discomfited by certain thoughts in your head. "I don’t want to think about it.”

He had to chuckle at that, ready to collapse on the ground with you on top of him. Here he had just saved you from being the eternal puppet of an ancient Queen and you were worrying about him. Well, he had to give you credit, at least. It would not make him feel like an idiot if he were to admit that he had fallen for you, now. Still, he knew that regardless of the feelings between you and him he would have gone after you— it was his job, after all— but there was something strange about the whole commitment that gave him strength to keep going; the strength to reach the end of this journey.

“What you talking about?” He shook his head, trying to suppress a smile that plastered itself on his lips. “This is what you pay me for, isn't it?”

There was a brief pause on your part, as you tried to take in his words. “I know but, last time I checked, it was a job that didn't involve Chaman Queens seeking to reincarnate, even after thousands of years, neither religious fanatics nor super warriors.” You took a breath, and sighed in defeat when he remained oblivious to your point— or pretending to. “You could have died, Frank, and it would have been my fault. I told you to leave me and save yourself and the rest.”

“You think I could've lived knowing I left you behind?” Woods rolled his eyes and averted his gaze from yours, watching the storm dissipate in the skies. He could have compared the whole scene with a cheap happily ever after, from thousands of movies he had watched. However, there was something almost faultless in the way the clouds gave way to the warm Sun that greeted those lands, and a feeling of freedom could be felt in the very air he breathed in.  It was certainly a most renewing sensation that bathed him in relief, and hope, as your breathing caressed his neck. It was almost redeeming, if he dared say so. “I couldn't just do that.”

“Because I pay you for that, right?” He felt the disappointment in your voice and hurried to meet your dejected stare. If only you knew; if only he would have the courage to admit it, it would all be so much simpler. But nothing in life could be free of complications, now could it? He was very tempted to lie and tell you that, yes, he did it because it was his job— his duty. He could have lied and embraced his old life of lonely nights and ephemeral passion. He could have done that, but he had not gone through hell just so he could condemn himself to wander in the desert of desire, never to find solace and to suffer with the mirage of your promise.

He realized he could not wait any longer; he realized just the immensity of the feat he had accomplished— that you both had accomplished. You were alive after a never-ending path of trials and danger. At the end of the journey, it had been you the one who rejoiced in his victorious arrival. He wanted to stand at the edge of the cliff at the temple and be free just once. He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs and let the world know that he was the one who made it; the one who cheated Death again and again and won the game. But he was content in leaning his forehead against yours in the silence that had suddenly taken over, the sound of the wind the only whisper you could hear in the loneliness that surrounded you. He saw your lips parting just barely in silent question, your eyelids closing, even before you could notice, and your shallow breathing when the gap between you and him grew shorter and shorter.

Your body knew what would happen but your brain could still not process it. In fact, you could not say a word; you were too shocked to even ask why. It felt like an eternity, like walking on thin air in a dream— thrilling but always fearing the imminent downfall. He could not be doing this— he could not actually be kissing you, or could he? It was so unlike him to do something like this and you barely could wrap your mind around the idea. Perhaps, you had been all mouth and no action since you had never truly expected he could take you seriously. At least, not a man like him.

For a moment, he looked like a kid who had been caught with his hand inside the cookie jar so he parted from you in shame and apologized. “We should get going. We still need to find the others. I hope they’re still alive.”

At that moment, you realized that you had never kissed back and you hurried to stop him before he got on his feet. Softly, you grabbed his arm and he looked at you, sideways, reluctantly allowing himself to be held back by you even when he knew better. His blue eyes were piercing and impatient as they darted back and fro, finally settling on your curious and longing gaze. You stared at each other for a long time, as if trying to figure what the other was thinking and, without a word, you approached him with gentle movements, brushing your lips against his to test his reaction. It was a timid kiss, one could say, but it was the encouragement you needed to fall into his arms and share the unspoken words neither of you could find to express.

He did not push you away and so you deepened the kiss, trying to get more of him as your fingers softly scraped his back. There was a silent plea in his lips, and you confided your wishes with the same vehemence he had begun to convey, as your touches grew more heated and full of need.

It was not long before you were trapped against the ground and his body, his mouth attacking yours as his hands desperately yanked the hem of your dress up. Neither of you could wait anymore and, when his prickly kisses were under the roundness of your breasts, you celebrated it with a mewl of praise, unable to bear the delicious torture for much longer.

It seemed almost illogical, ridiculous, to do this after you had nearly died but this scorching fire burned within you. It overpowered you all of a sudden, bringing you into a state of psychic dissociation. You did not know who you were anymore, did not know what the limit between reality and reverie was, only that you longed that union, completion, of which Himiko had spoken of in that limbo of lonely coldness when you and her were connected.

Frank still dared not touch you, despite his evident yearning. He dared not for fear of soiling you since, in his head, you looked so pure and beautiful and he was not worthy of having you— he did not feel worthy. He almost backed off but, then, you grabbed his shoulders and held him in, fingers working on getting rid of his t-shirt in a haste. Before long, it was tossed to the side and the feeling of his bare skin against your hands made you whimper in delight, as this strange sensation grew stronger and overwhelming. You cared not about the circumstances anymore. You cared not if this was not about to happen in a luxurious bedroom with a king sized bed and, instead, in an abandoned temple at the top of a forgotten mountain. You knew you wanted him, desperately. You needed him with the ruthless hunger of a soul that had been deprived from such joy for a long time.

You grabbed fistfuls of his hair and, as if it had a mind of its own, your body arched when his tongue stroked and caressed without warning. Your mind still could not register what was happening, too taken aback by the devastating sensations that robbed you of all ability to think. It was not sweet; it was not gentle. It was full of primal abandon as you spread your legs further apart and his fingers buried on the skin on your hips— as you raised them closer to his face and cried your bliss to the skies. It was anything but nice as his rough tongue slid against your tender flesh and his stubble scratched your soft skin but, for some reason, you still found yourself moving against him, desirous to reach the peak of ultimate release. Your insides ached, begged, and your voice was lost the moment you felt yourself falling over the edge, dying and reviving again to see the sky of his eyes staring into your hazed and lost gaze.

Slowly, you lifted your hands to his face and curiously traced its contour with your fingers until you reached his mouth. He remained silent, observing your flushed face, as you smiled ever so slightly and closed your eyes for a moment to gather your disarrayed thoughts. Meanwhile, Frank unceremoniously collapsed on his back, bringing you on top of his body. With a sigh of satisfaction, you pulled down your robes and happily settled your head on his shoulder, finding comfort with him as the Sun warmed up your bodies. You did not know for how long you had lain trying to get some fitful rest but, as your naked leg rubbed against his, you blurted those raw words out without any warning, unable to stop yourself.

Fuck me.
Frank Woods x Reader - Call of Duty Black Ops Ch 6
Next update is going to be the last chapter and is going to be strictly mature, meaning the mature filter will be on. Just a heads-up to be on the safer side. Thanks for reading this far :dance: 



I do not own Call of Duty Black Ops or its characters, neither do I own the Tomb Raider story line. No copyright infringement intended. This story is written for the entertainment of the readers and by no means do I have lucrative purposes.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)

Swearing and violence.

Chapter IV

“Everything I’ve done I did to survive! How many lives have you taken to do the same?”

Ragged breathing, and fingers twitching to pull the trigger, Woods wished Friedrich had not asked that now of all times when a moral dilemma was the last thing he needed to deal with. It was not so much the implications but the fact that he was implying they were not different, as Frank wanted to believe. There not heroes here, no sense of right or wrong— no good or bad guys. As the doctor eyed him with a smug look of conceited victory, Frank wished he was not reminded he was not better than those that had lost their mind to the insanity of this madman but, in the end, he knew that he too was a beast. The truth hurt but he could not escape from it, regardless of the fact he was doing this because he did not want to lose you. Yet, it would not be fair to put the blame on you for this had been his decision all along. This was his war to fight and he was not willing to back down, no matter what.

He growled, wiping blood off of his sweaty and scowling face, staring at the German son of a bitch that was using you as a human shield. He wished the bastard had never said those words, for remorse was written all over your face as your breath hitched at the edge of a knife, and the firearm pointed at the man behind you. Frank did not want to think of the horror in your eyes, when you saw him turned into the demon he had thought had been left behind. This was the side of him he had never wanted you to see, yet here you were, and he could not think of any comforting words to say when your gaze lowered, unable to bear the guilt of what you had done.

It was true; there had never been any heroes here and he was no different from the scums that had died in his hands. He never was one, no matter how hard he had tried to convince himself that he had changed— that he had become a better man. The monster had always lived inside of him all these years, just waiting for the chance to come out and cause mayhem. And, perhaps, this was the reason you stopped fighting your captor and remained motionless, almost in a trance. Maybe you were too taken aback by the madness in the eyes of this devil painted in red to even care for your own life.

The worst part was the resignation in your gaze, as you were dragged by Friedrich towards the monastery; the way your jaw trembled and you shook your head in denial, with tears in your eyes, when the old man whispered lies to you. He was taking you away from him and there was nothing he could do to stop the old man. Frank was not willing to risk it, when there was so much to be lost. He could not risk it, now that he had made it this far, so he lowered the gun in his grasp and tried to reach for you, in vain, desperate at this point. However, he was immediately stopped when lightning struck the mountain and a pile of debris fell down, almost crushing him and blocking the main gate.

“Fucking bitch,” he cursed the Sun Queen, as he got on his feet, determined to end this once and for all. In just a matter of days, he had grown to loathe Himiko and her schemes with an unimaginable passion he never thought possible, even in his days as a soldier fighting the enemy.

Screw the Stormguard. Screw the Solarii Brotherhood. Screw Friedrich. This was between him and her; this, he decided as he climbed the ziggurat against the winds of her wrath and her vengeful might. He fought and never relented, even when her rage reached terrifying levels and the mountain temple violently shook with her unyielding force. Even in the face of her great power, he did not have it in him to fear her and would not let her bring him down that easily.

He would stop before nothing to get to you.

“Stop him! Protect the ritual!”

“Don’t let him come any closer!”

“Get the fuck out of my way,” Woods growled, as he emptied the magazine of his assault rifle on a group of Friedrich’s men that were trying to hinder his advances. Still, not even an army of Solarii or the Stormguard was able to keep him away from his goal. He pushed through the heavily guarded stronghold and against the gales that threatened to throw him into the abyss, never to see you again. Self-arrested by his ice-axe, he went prone on the ground as the rest of his foes were swept by the storm, followed by Himiko’s growing wrath when her plan backfired. His victory was short-lived, however, for time was running out.

“Oh, Great Queen, through the trials I have brought you the vessel. Pour forth and return to this mortal coil! Pour forth and be reborn! Pour forth and awaken!”

A flash of blinding light at the center of the dais, and a blood-curling scream, marked the beginning of the end. It was what he had feared all along; the horrid beauty of the shaman queen that had come to reclaim your body and discard your soul. It was almost impossible to bear. It nearly drove him crazy even when your pain seemed like a whisper, compared with the aching greed in Himiko’s despair as she clutched to you for dear life. Still, he would not feel any pity for her in the throes of her suffering.

There was no mercy to be spared and Frank felt no remorse when Friedrich died by his hands, rage and hatred burning inside of him like deadly poison— a toxic fluid that threatened to kill the last bit of his human nature. He knew it was true. He had always known that there were no heroes in this story. There were only survivors in this cruel game of madness that the Sun Queen had hosted from the very beginning. And if he had to kill the entire island so you and him were the last ones standing, he would even if it was the last thing he did.

This game ended here.
Frank Woods x Reader - Call of Duty Black Ops Ch 5

I do not own Call of Duty Black Ops or its characters, neither do I own the Tomb Raider story line. No copyright infringement intended. This story is written for the entertainment of the readers and by no means do I have lucrative purposes.


Another quick update. The good stuff starts in the next chapter ;D I need to revise the rest and then it should be finished :dance:

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)

Gore and violence.

Chapter IV

It felt surreal, otherworldly, when adrenaline rushed through your veins. It burned. It hurt and even the tiniest hair on your nape stood on end at the sight of the lifeless man lying on the ground. Or what had once been a man, at least. His face was a grim picture bathed in blood, after you had shot his eye off, and you nearly had choked in tears after you realized what horrid deed you had done.

You had only fought to save yourself. There was nothing else you could have done when you and your foe had been struggling madly, and he was so close to snatch the firearm from your hands. If you had let him do that, you did not want to think about what would have happened to you. Now he was dead and you were escaping from your pursuers that had set the ruins of the village on fire, as the other captives ran for their lives.

You did not know how you had ended up in this place. You only remembered talking to Friedrich and, then, losing consciousness. If the ache in the back of your head was any indication then you guessed you had been knocked out and then moved to this location. You could care less about reasons, to be honest; you were more worried about Frank and the rest of the crew and you needed to find them, as soon as possible.  You were lucky to retrieve a radio from the corpse and the first person you thought about contacting was him, whom got back to you in no time and listened to your brief account of the dismal events.

“It must've been hard for you,” Frank commented, with marked sympathy in his words.

You had to pause for a moment in your tracks before reminding yourself that you had no time to waste, for your captors were not far away. Mistakes like these would be the death of you, sooner or later, you mentally scoffed and hurried to reach whatever place was not swarming with madmen. But his words lingered on your mind, and you shuddered at the realization that invaded you all of a sudden.

“It scared me how easy it was.” You mumbled somewhat calmed, though in truth you wanted to cry and cower in a corner because this situation was beyond your preparation. Never in your life had you imagined it would come down to this and if you had known it would turn into this nightmare, you would have never said a word about coming to the Dragon’s Triangle. There were so many things you regretted having said, but now it was too late.

“Frank, believe it or not, we’re standing on the Lost Kingdom of Yamatai. I don’t know what’s going on here, or why Himiko is still being worshipped, but there’s going to be a ritual fire.” Your desperate voice penetrated to the deep recesses of his soul, and he wanted nothing more but to reach for you to wipe the silent tears he knew you were shedding. But he could not and hoped it was not too long before he could see you again. “They’re going to burn me alive, just like other women before me.” You finally added with bitterness, trying to keep your voice low but finally lost it. You could not forget; you could not pretend it never happened. You just could not and it was pain for you to keep yourself together. You were scared like you had never been in your entire life and, for the first time, you knew you were going to die. “I'm so sorry, Frank. I'm sorry I brought here. I'm sorry for everything. Please, forgive me."

Frank, better than anyone knew what it felt like to deal with your first kill— your first blood— but he would have never wanted you to know about such a grisly and depressing world. A world he inhabited with his demons. It was so easy to pull the trigger, too easy to stick a knife in someone else's neck, but dealing with the horrors never was. It did not meant he could not help you find comfort, at least.

A brief static took over the radio, then silence, before he finally pressed the PTT and let the words out in a strained whisper, nearly clenching the device in his hands. “(Name), you did what you had to do. Don't feel bad for a scum like him. Just hold on; I’ll come for you. I promise.”  What else could be said? You needed to believe that, even now, there still was hope for you. It felt frustrating, despondent to keep trying and keep failing but if he stopped now he could never live with your blood on his hands. Too many people had already left him and he refused to lose anyone else— he refused to leave you even when, in a moment of weakness, you resigned to your fate and told him to forget about you and save himself and the rest.

You sighed and he could almost see the grimace on your face as you tried, with all your might, to calm down. “I really hope to see you again, Frank, but if we can’t—”

Foreign voices filled the frequency and he screamed at them to leave you the hell alone. He called out for you as you pleaded and cursed your misfortune. His chest constricted under the pressure of loss when your voice died with a scream of horror and it was not until then that he knew what true fear was. He understood in what kind of gruesome and appalling world his nightmares had taken a new shape.

This place was more than touched by doom and foreshadowed with perdition.

Time was running out and they came to understand Frank was a dangerous threat, when half of the Solarii had been slaughtered. It was clear that the man was not giving up on you, despite their efforts to get rid of him. Perhaps they had underestimated him, Friedrich thought as his men dragged the beaten up soldier, whose mad blue eyes regarded him amid bruises and blood, to him. Yet when he looked at you, the feral and wild beast was tamed, desperate to reach for you and comfort you in your pain as he was forced to watch you burn at the stake. He asked for forgiveness again and again, as he was held on his knees, and begged for you to look at him in your last moments.

It had been hard to believe, at first, even more so for a man of his caliber— a man who had only trusted in the cold deadliness of a weapon and in the sharpness of body and mind, during long nights on watch. However, he was forced to accept the truth when confronted with the undeniable facts he uncovered, as he progressed on his quest. When he attempted to stop the Solarii Brotherhood from burning you at the stake, and the fire was put out by an unfathomable force, he heard Friedrich say that you were The Chosen One— a Daughter of the Sun— and would be the vessel for the soul of Himiko, to bring her back once more.

You were the key and he was an obstacle to freedom.

Frank was baited to go help an Air Force Captain in need— the one who had been sent in answer to his SOS— just so Friedrich could put him to death. He knew he could not possibly save everyone but the guy had put his ass on the line for him and, as an act of humanity, Woods knew he had to do the same. But by the time he made it to the mountain pass, and intended to cross the bridge to help the poor bastard, he was surrounded by the Solarii and nearly blown to pieces when they destroyed the bridge with explosive barrels. He remembered being hit so hard that the world became a distorted reflection of reality, and he thought he heard inhuman growls mixed with cries of fear and pain. Frank did not know if the smell of blood drifting in the air was real, or if it was his, but before he could even try and get a better look his mind shut down and eternal nightmares followed.

Just when he thought he would never see the light of the Sun, he finally came to. However, it was to the sight of a sea of red and the smell of decaying flesh. Frank feared he had fallen into another perpetual mind torture, but the all too real pain in his head caused the early events to play in an excruciating rapid sequence of images and almost incoherent sounds. Then, he remembered the predicament he was in and it was all he needed to try and believe this was the blood-chilling reality. This was much worse; he was trapped in a nightmare— one he could not wake up from. As he dangled by his tied hands from a beam, his arms felt numb from having been in that position for too long and his stomach churned so much at the putrid stench he almost threw up. He felt like he was about to do it while he swung back and forth, trying to lift his legs up and wrap them around the sturdy wooden shaft so he could free himself. Probably not the best idea, he cursed when every muscle and bone in his body screamed in agony as he hit the floor and the wind was knocked out of him.

Slowly, he lay on his side trying to catch his breath for a moment or two. When he recovered, Frank was able to have a complete panorama of his surroundings, realizing he was trapped inside some kind of slaughter house. The amount of corpses— or rather dismembered bodies— was too many to count and even he had to admit that he had never seen such an atrocious and repugnant picture in his life. And he had done and seen some fucked up shit, before his days playing as guide for rich momma’s boys that sought adventure and thrill.

Here, he could say he had witnessed some of the most horrifying doings that revealed the true savage nature of mankind. He had seen the extreme conditions where men, turned into mindless beasts, had resorted to cannibalism to survive, ripping one another to pieces; the pain of a poor devil wailing for his daughters that had been burnt to a wisp, as sacrifices to the Sun Queen. He had seen men that had been deprived of all form of dignity, and mercy, their wills forever broken. Woods had learned that there was nothing more dangerous than a human— if it could be called that at this point— fighting to stay alive. Fighting to breathe just one more time.

He had wanted to keep you away from that but it was too late now.
Frank Woods x Reader - Call of Duty Black Ops Ch 4

I do not own Call of Duty Black Ops or its characters, neither do I own the Tomb Raider story line. No copyright infringement intended. This story is written for the entertainment of the readers and by no means do I have lucrative purposes.


So, a quick update. I have the story already written but I need to edit it before posting the rest. It's a mess and I'm so embarrassed :cries: 

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter III

Frank did not know for how long he had been unconscious, but lightning and thunder woke him up with a start and he looked around in a wild frenzy. His mind had been drawn back to the days in Vietnam, for a nightmarish moment, and he was ready to duck rapidly for cover in the nearest spot he could find. But as soon as he could take in his surroundings he found himself alone; not in the midst of an ambush, as he had thought. The bonfire had already extinguished leaving him shadows, trying to scramble on his feet, but that was the least of his concerns.
“(Name)?” His called with a whisper, a bad feeling sinking in the back of his mind, as he took cautious steps towards the path that led to a destination unknown. His breath caught in his throat and he unconsciously gritted his teeth, trying to reach the sound of your voice, even when everything around him was dead silent save for the thunder that still roared.

You were nowhere to be seen. The only thing that was left from you was a bow, which he had noticed resting by your side earlier, and he took it wordlessly. His fingers grazed its grip, before his lips tightened with the realization of his failure and he took off running. He looked for you in the darkness, lit by sporadic flashes of white, but never once did he saw you and his panic only grew worse. Fuck! The son of a bitch had taken you away from him, and he had been such a dipshit so as to fall asleep. He was furious, seeing red, and his anger was all directed towards himself as he ran farther from camp, descending the stairs with only one wish— to put a bullet in the bastard’s head.


In his frenzy to find you, his surroundings blurred and he lost his bearings, too overwhelmed by his relentless drive that pulled him forward, compelling him to go after you no matter what. It was like a sixth sense; he somehow knew you were not that far away. He barely had the time to pull himself together and actually assess the situation, like he was used to; this time he could simply not bring himself to calm down, when you had been sneaked practically in front of him, and he virtually lost his composure. It was not until a sharp pain brought him back to his senses, burning his leg with acidic strength, that he came to a forced stop. Frank huffed and snarled, looking down to see his limb captured by a foothold trap with sharp teeth, while cursing his luck. Thankfully, he wore thick leather combat boots otherwise he might have ended up with a serious injure.


Just then the howls of death came to him, carried by the forceful wind that shook the leaves, and his eyes narrowed at the unexpected presage. Heart pounding against his chest, and nostrils flaring, Frank felt the rush of adrenaline as he tried to dismantle the contrivance to no avail. The growls of ghostly beasts wafted in the air, seemingly coming out of nowhere— he could not tell with the ever changing direction of the air stream— and it became clear that he would have to fight against his predators in such a vulnerable state like the one he was in. And he was not mistaken when the shadow of impending death jumped over him with eyes of fire and claws of greed, roaring its lust for blood.

His hand had already reached for his firearm and the demonic beast wailed in pain before collapsing and remaining still on the ground. Two more of them followed, and they shared the same fate when their black furs were smeared with the ruby color of carnage that pooled around his feet. Frank could only wonder how in the world those wolves could be so large and look so fiendish; then again, there would be many things about this island that would surprise him and force him to change his set of beliefs for once, in the least expected ways.

It did not matter anymore. The only thing he needed to believe now was that he was going to find you.
Frank Woods x Reader - Call of Duty Black Ops Ch 3

I do not own Call of Duty Black Ops or its characters, neither do I own the Tomb Raider story line. No copyright infringement intended. This story is written for the entertainment of the readers and by no means do I have lucrative purposes.


Third chapter. Sorry for the delay. I've been procrastinating a lot, lately. I apologize for that but, to be honest, I can't say I've been feeling really inspired to write or in the mood to revise my stories. It's something that happens from time to time. 

Anyways, I know it was short but I hope you enjoyed nonetheless. I will try to post the next soon. Thanks for the comments c:

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I'm trying to get back in track with my stories. If you're wondering about the constant updates for the Frank Woods fic, that's because I already had the fic written out a long time ago but I haven't decided to post it on dA until now. So, no, I'm not actually working on new fics as of now, unfortunately :( 

I know I've been procrastinating a lot and I apologize for that :c it's just that I haven't felt the inspiration to keep writing (mainly I have no idea of how to continue my stories) and I am having some family issues and my sister recently left to work in another city so I'm on my own. 

Anyways, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! :cries:
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Sorry it's been a while I got anther chapter done and I hope it's alright to add this person to it…
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asdsdkaoweuldjslkjdladsdh I can't think clearly at this moment. Please, Clare, you're so wonderful and I'm a jerk ;A; I'm  TWO chapters behind! I'd better catch up soon!
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